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2-in-1 Car Wash and Snow Foam


If you’re looking for a product to rapidly eliminate dirt, easily dissolve and remove stubborn road grime, and generally do the business on dirt, this is it!

All Purpose Cleaner


Ceramic Coating Wax


Protecting the aesthetic and quality of our surfaces is a key concern when cleaning and polishing. This is why a product like the Detail Tonic Ceramic Coating Wax provides such an advantage.

Ceramic Spray Coating


Beef up your existing ceramic coating and add a brilliant shine on protected surfaces, without fear of swirls or scratches. Detail Tonic’s Ceramic Spray Coating is perfect for a quick clean-up or detailing in a rush and provides 3 to 6 months of protection.

Detail Tonic Explosive Foam Cannon


Achieve a professional-quality clean minus the hassle with the Detail Tonic Explosive Foam Cannon.

Interior Cleaner


You don’t need a specialist cleaner for most of your vehicle’s interior. What you need is a Detail Tonic’s Interior Cleaner.

Iron Remover


A swift-acting, highly effective iron particle remover that leaves wheels and car panels looking their very best.

Long Lasting Tyre Gel


Detail Tonic’s Long-Lasting Tyre Gel is a must if you want to keep your tyres looking at its best.

Monster Drying Towel


100% microfibre design that lets you achieve the best results for drying applications